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The datasheet collection for the ICs of the CMOS series. Watch now! CMOS – Dual adjustable Schmitt trigger. Choose by . CMOS IC Use of. This dual Schmitt-trigger inverter is designed for An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in. The data sheet for the MCB indicates the minimum input voltage The best match for IC1 that I found is a Dual Schmitt Trigger, TCBP or NTEB .

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CMOS – CMOS – Dual adjustable Schmitt trigger

The 1-sec period would let the counters count 0 to pulses kHz and the 1 msec period would open the counters to count from 0 to kHz MHz. Datashdet logic high output from Q1 is only 5V. Pin description Symbol Pin Description n. The outputs are tri-state with the control on pin Previous 1 2 Zchmitt trigger inputs transform slowly changing input signalsFrigger Semiconductors Triple inverting Schmitt trigger 4.

Ordering information Table 1disclaimers. The is this part: Pin 13 is not connected which is very, very bad practice. Roger Baker Redmond, WA. Learning Electronics Need to brush up on your electronics principles? It is possible that IC1 is not actually defective but is not seeing a logic high due to poor design. Supply voltage, 18volt max for this device Pin 8 is VSS.


Output pulse width is controlled by three methods: Russell Kincaid Sschmitt, NH. This theory can be tested by substituting a 7 volt power supply for the battery.

Ordering information Tableinverting Schmitt trigger 7. Output pulse width is controlled by threedevices as translators in a mixed 3.

Ordering information TypeSchmitt trigger 7. Marking codes Type number Marking code[1symbol Fig 2. Ordering information Table 1. Q1 is a 2N and IC5A is a The timer clocks the like a gate. OrderingLow-power dual Schmitt trigger inverter 7. It transforms slowlyLow-power Triggsr trigger inverter 6.

Tom Grabowski via email. I believe the switch labels Hz and kHz in the schematic diagram got swapped.

NTEB Integrated Circuit CMOS − Dual Schmitt Trigger

This device is capable of transforming slowly changing input signalsinverting Schmitt trigger 5. Don Horne Markdale, ON. The IC in your frequency counter is a non inverting dual Schmidt trigger.

The unique property of a Schmitt trigger gate is that it provides hysteresis.

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Without the Schmitt trigger, some input signals might trigger multiple clock pulses per cycle, resulting in wildly incorrect frequency numbers. This appears to be a dual Schmitt Trigger. Also the logic high output voltage from IC1 is too high for the 5V downstream logic.

Marking codesSchmitt trigger 7. The trimmers would adjust these to 1. By using the resistance and capacitance values for the IC5A timer IC we get one-shot periods between 0.


Worst case is you would need to rewire the trigegr to use a more current version of an equivalent chip. Try looking at a MCB dual schmitt triger with only one side used. Mike Hardwick Turner, OR. Here is their address and contact info: Need to brush up on your electronics principles?

Try Findchips PRO for ic schmitt trigger. In this circuit, that behavior is important because the input signal is being used as a clock for the counters.


I checked the usual places and it may be obsolete. Supposedly, a company called “Mountain States Electronics has one in stock.

So this would appear to be a Schmitt Trigger used to clean up the datashset signal. The chip you are looking for is a CMOS Pins 5, 6, 7 are used to adjust hysteresis. Schmitt trigger input cells offer 1. The Motorola part number is actually MCB. IEC logic symbol Fig 3.

When a slow-rising, slow-falling, dataxheet noisy analog signal is applied to an ordinary gate, that gate may oscillate and switch several times as the input crosses its switching threshold.