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de tortura son en su mayoría las guardias y funcionarios del INPEC, aunque también hay casos en donde el .. De acuerdo con la Oficina del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos . de , artículos 33 y 4. with the Working Group on urgent matters, an official from the INPEC referred to .. The State informed the IACHR that the proposal of draft reform of the .. Con el acuerdo sobre justicia: el fin del conflicto armado con las FARC al. SEGURIDAD INTERNA EN ERON Qué es? Servicios de seguridad es una asignatura que indica la interacción entre los procedimientos, los.

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Comprueba que la eficacia del metodo de recuento con centelleador liquido depende de la energia y desciende al A completely randomized block design, with four treatments and three replications was used.

The simulated physical system is a pipe of 4. On fait une etude quantitative de la separation de l’uranium et du thorium par le procede d’extraction utilise. As for commercial requirements, the best results for number of flowers were obtained with T4. Lnpec phenotype for multiresistance was found in the samples from the Passo Fundo river, although some carbapenem-resistant isolates were identified, thereby indicating the presence of contamination with bacteria derived from an environment under strong selection pressure.

Strain of Escherichia coli ATCC 25, was used in control tests by monitoring the light emission inside dle dark-chamber with an acoplade photomultiplier. Finca La Esperanza, 3: The handling of the system through the intranet allows the enter of data from the operations place with the radioactive wastes.

Biological methods in turn can be divided into aerobic andanaerobic. Abstract The aim of this work was analyze the photoelectrochemical degradation of tannery wastewater. Among the potential biomasses, agricultural residues have very attractive features, as they allow for the removal of radionuclides present in the waste using a low cost biosorbent.

El procedimiento ideado por los autores consiste en lo siguiente: Radioactive waste as any other type of waste should be treated and disposed adequately.

Se fondant sur les resultats de leurs recherches, ils enoncent un certain nombre de conditions technologiques a remplir pour obtenir les materiaux en question en impregnant le graphite de silicium liquide sous vide, a une temperature de l’ordre de a deg. Yet, the lettuce was not good for human consumption. The studied waste contains natural uranium, americium and cesium The dispersion plume generated by the computational simulator showed high concordance with the field data.


Estos efluentes son recolectados y almacenados en pozas recubiertas con geo membrana im Results suggest the recovery of steam generated by injection into Az generally tends to decrease ipnec with the horizontal distance of the studied wells to the xel, and with the vertical distance between the injection area and the corresponding production areas.

Biochemical oxygen demand, total phosphorus, orthophosphate, ammonia, and nitrite were significantly greater in effluents from LimFer ponds. Dose calculations performed with MCNPX and the methodology used in the calibration of the detection system is also presented.

It concludes that acuerdoo contaminated people underwent severe physical, psychological and social suffering. Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. The column operation conditions were 8 g of biosorbent mass, 3. Efluentes de diversas empresas do setor, localizadas no estado de Minas Gerais Brasil, foram coletados e caracterizados.

Sin embargo, el conocimiento acerca de sus propiedades es todavia muy limitado.

The principles of the design and operation of the ‘SADR’ system for the safe administration of the radioactive waste and liquid effluents are presented. Many studies have been conducted with the objective of evaluate the conditions of N2O generation and emission in the nitrification and denitrification process, in biological nitrogen removal of wastewater treatment, both lab scale and wastewater treatment plants WWTP.

In this study aimed to present an effluent treatment system to Federal University of Campina Grande, Campus de Pombal located in the state of. The mean soil salinity of the.

Se citan varios ejemplos correspondientes a zonas de referencia.

These results suggest that Azolla sp has a larger capacity of biosorption, therefore it is more suitable for more detailed studies of treatment of liquid radioactive waste. The removal of cadmium, zinc and lead corresponding to a superficial adsorption process, was evaluated using the theories of Langmuir and Freundlich. Los totales de 1,3,6-tsn recuperados en los pozos AzD, Az y Az hasta dias despues de la inyeccion, fecha en que se suspendio el muestreo, fueron respectivamente 6.

A scenery of water shortage and the search for profitability improvement obligate the companies to exercise their creativity and to adopt alternative methods to the conventional ones to cauerdo the environmental resources. Radioactive liquid waste containing organic compounds need special attention, because the treatment processes available are expensive and difficult to manage.

Ancient history – wwx

Feeding was accomplished with wastewater from the treatment station of a poultry and swine processing plant. A theoretical analysis is presented for the problem of cutting transport in a two-region, slurry-flow acueedo in horizontal pipes, with a stationary bed of drill cuttings as a porous medium w-region below a two-phase dispersed flow n-region.


The conclusion was that the effluents treatment system interfered on pH dwl temperature. Estudo de Batelada e Coluna de Leito Fixo.

Ancient history – wwx – PDF Free Download

The reactor effluent was split into three wetlands beds, two of them 00111 with macrophytes Typha sp. Looking for the sustainability of a small farming enterprise, the present study focused the benefit of the biodigestor effluent resulting from vel anaerobic fermentation of the bovine manure in a soilless melon plant experiment.

The numerical results were compared with experimental data on slurry flows and a good agreement was found. This study evaluated the performance of vertical constructed wetlands treating effluent of anaerobic baffled reactor.

Experimental data were measured for density, sound velocity and conductivity of pure ionic liquids and mixtures. The work compares two types of ion exchange materials, a strong acid cation exchange resin, that is the material typically used to remove radionuclides from PWR nuclear plants wastes, and a mordenite dfl.

Due to limitations of the analytical methods available to detect pathogens in water, the research of surrogate indicators is an up-to-date subject. The study evaluate an inorganic ion exchange to process the low level liquid radwaste of PWR nuclear plants, so that the level of cauerdo radioactivity in the effluents and the solid waste produced during the treatment of these liquid radwaste can be reduced.

The performance of a cold trap to remove oxygen from sodium has been studied and the corresponding mass transfer coefficient evaluated. The simulated physical system is a pipe diameter. Full Text Available The Brazil’s Biodiesel Production and Use Program introduces biodiesel in the Brazilian energy matrix, bringing along the perspective of a growth of the glycerin offer, co-product generated in the proportion of 10 kg for each L of biodiesel.

An entirely randomized 2 macrophytes x 3 hydraulic detention times HDT and 3 repetitions. Full Text Available The objective of this research was to evaluate the production of biomass of the aquatic macrophytes water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes and egeria Egeria densa in three hydraulic detention times in a organic pisciculture effluent treatment system.

The possibilities of desorption were studied too.