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Although no tantric text makes this distinction, it seems to mfe that there is a discrepancy between ‘substitute’ and ‘right-handed’ worship.

Agehananda Bharati – The Tantric Tradition

Skip to main content. No additional import charges on delivery. However, this is very likely on account o f the juxtaposition of bodhicitta and padma and the use o f the verb ni-vis, which is a 64 THE TANTRIC TRADITION frequent sandhd combination; the bodhicitta should not be discharged into the padma, bharatti must be kept under control as is the rule for all yuganaddha practices—and nivi’s—never means anything like ‘to discharge’.

Samkaracarya declared that the cognitive understanding o f the meaning of the four great Upanisadic dicta, ‘this’ dtma is brahma’, ‘I am brahma’, ‘thou art that’, and ‘the conscious self is brahma’, results in immediate liberation. However, it is impossible to say which deity was H i n d u and which Buddhist i n medieval tantric Kashmir.

Tantirc Athe actual and the stipulated achievement coincide, IA and 2A coalesce. The tantric is no metaphysician, neither is the yogi.

Though we cannot be sure whether it was the yin-yang complex that seeped through into the Tibetan Buddhist yah yum concept, certain parallels can obviously be shown. Tf a person cannot even get on the back o f an ass, then even i f he climbs on to the back o f an Arab steed and is not killed in the attempt he is sure to get his bones broken.

I feel that any Taoist ascription o f the dynamic to the male principle, i f indeed there be such a formulation in Taoist texts, might not have been strong enough as a single influence to counterbalance the one wielded by the Indian doctrine even i f it could be shown some day that there was a direct influence o f Taoist ideas on Tibetan tantric Buddhism.

For the h o m o l o g y o f bodhicitta, the B o d h i – m i n dw i t h semen virile, see the chapter on Intentional Language supra; saildhabhdfd. But the flavour here is definitely anti-caste, or at least anti-Brahmanical. Similar views were held b y Professor Suniti K. This initial invocation reads ‘obeisance to the true guru, the destroyer o f the fetters of phenomenal existence, giver of the sight of wisdom, to the giver of sensuous enjoyment and liberation.

If he the prospective disciple does not show any 16 SADHAKA AND SADHANA signs o f dismay, but on the contrary agehanaanda that the guru is n o w about to bestow his grace upon h i m ; and, i f thus thinking, he displays such phenomena as horripilation, trembling o f his eyes and his voice, then this is an indication that the disciple is ready for the initiation viz.


Pali anna aniiaya Skt. Marici is always said to be residing in the womb of bhrati caitya nichod rtenwhereas Vajravarahi rdo rjephag mo being an abbess may reside anywhere.

In his statement, quoted above, the upper portion is H i n d u tantrism, bharsti lower is Buddhist Tibetan or Vajrayana tantrism.

Richard rated it it was amazing Jul 31, The former is quite familiar from Buddhist iconography, and well k n o w n to occidental yoga-fans. T o this the tantric would answer that the tantric consecration o f a Sakti is o f higher order than a marriage ceremony in the Vedic tradition—the fact that it is not accepted by a society ruled by self-styled legislators in matters of moral right and wrong does not concern them.

I suspect that the identification o f power and energy w i t h the female principle and the use o f the w o r d sakti to denote female deities is based o n the fact that i n p r e – A r y a n India as w e l l as among the Kerala Dravidians, up to this day, w o m a n has been the active partner i n all love-play and i n the act o f procreation; the same holds for the Nagas and other tribes i n A s s a m ; tantric literature and practice originated i n those regions and has been i n vogue there to a far greater degree than i n any other area i n India.

Hence, the doctrine that everything is sunya conflicts w i t h everything, and because it denies a foundation for anything, it has to be rejected. Then there are scores o f tales about gods and goddesses who did not prevail against the arrows o f C u p i dand the Puranas are full of these narratives; the story o f Visnu as M o h i n iof the birth o f the W a r G o d through Par vati’s seduction of Siva the eternal ascetic—a mythological episode made into one o f the most famous poems by Kalidasa in his Kumarasambhava.

Left-handed practice is considerably less philistine; it enjoins what is a real inversion of the injunctions for right-handed practice: Thank you for interesting in our services. Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location. If the bride is separated, the bridegroom is in bondage.

The Tantric Tradition

However, I do not think that we can find much relevant information here. These arrangements in numerically identical groups prompt many scholars to equate the two mythologies.

We may receive commission if your ttradition for credit is successful.

Traditioh mantras used during the instalment of the sripatra are very interesting indeed and deviate completely from Vedic usage; the deities invoked are largely common with those of the Buddhist Vajrayana pantheon; so is the joining of the letters of the Devanagari alphabet in various orders to the mantras, called ‘aksaramala garland of letterstransplanted into the Vajrayana tradition.


Nov 09, Cameron rated it liked it Shelves: The Madhyamikas teach and emphasize the complete identity o f nirvana and samsara, i. The kulacara, the third division according to the Rudrayamala, is a more opaque matter.

The Tantric Tradition by Agehananda Bharati

T o give an illustration: United Kingdom and many other countries See details. The H i n d u schools usually refer to the bhrati as the left-handed vamacarato the former as the right-handed daksinacara tradi tion, which is also called the worship through ‘substitutes’ pratinidhi —i.

The formula for the worship of the six-limbed goddess’ i. This is Eliade’s list: Similarly, the psychologist entertains a few axioms, as for instance the one identifying sanity with adjustment to the cultural milieu o f his environment which he shares w i t h the anthropologists interested in ‘culture and personality’, or the axiom that there is such a thing as mental illness ; but the practising analyst is not really interested in these axioms as he carries on his w o r k — i n fact, these axiomatic notions are quite irrelevant to the execution o f his work.

He then worships his rosary with the sloka: Dasgupta d i d ; the fact that the Gitd triads have not affected Buddhist tantras is not really a puzzle, for the H i n d u tantrics were naturally more open to schemes propounded in earlier H i n d u lore. Guenther Banaras-SaskatoonD. Paul Meadows, Chairman o f the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, for their generous support towards my making the manuscript ready for print by reducing my teaching load to a m i n i m u m during the final stages.

At the conclusion of the first half purvardhathe preparatory rites, the sadhaka makes the dedication of the self—a mental observance common to all Hindu and many Buddhist meditational routines—he offers himself and all his observances to the chosen deity with a formula which includes the name of the chosen deity and ends with. This would be a trivial cautioning, agehanznda it not for the fact that scholars o f merit have fallen into the temptation o f drawing inferences on the basis o f similarity in diction.

One w h o thus proceeds obtains’the zgehananda power o f attraction in one month, in two months he becomes as k n o w ledgeable, and learned as Brhaspati the Vedic god o f speech, knowledge, and the sacerdotal skillsafter four months the practicant becomes as powerful as the Lords o f the Directions, after six months he becomes like C u p i d note the high rank sexual attractiveness and success is tanyric in this disciplineafter six months he is as powerful as Rudra Siva himself.

Deussen’s generation was not familiar w i t h medieval H i n d u tantric texts which assimilated Vajrayana doctrine into a H twntric n d u frame. First, nowhere in Vajrayana texts is the yum to be meditated upon as sakti.