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Part 5 – The Blackest Night Checklist In this 3-issue miniseries, writers Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) reveal. BLACKEST NIGHT: TALES OF THE CORPS #3 It depends on what you’re considering as part of a complete BLACKEST NIGHT checklist. Blackest Night Checklist Pt 2 Green Lantern Vol. Why is it that the current BN Tie-ins or whatever have 3 parts but after those Flash, WW, ect.

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Part 5 – The Blackest Night Checklist. When Blackest Night was first announced in latemost fans assumed it would be another crossover between Green lantern and Green lantern Corps, just as The Sinestro Corps War was.

At the time, even Johns blacest to think that would be the case. DiDio explained the reasoning behind this decision, saying “One of the reasons why Blackest Night is a mini-series separate to what Sinestro Corps War was, which was a Green Lantern story in Green Lantern’s titles, is that when we saw how Blackest Night started to take form, we realized it was more about the DCU than just about Green Lantern.

Because of that, we moved it into its own mini-series. Green Lantern is the star of that book — don’t get me wrong. But it also stars the rest of the DC Universe.

Blackest Night bpackest going to be an eight-issue mini-series written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis. If you missed this issue and can’t track it down, you’ll have to either wait until DC reprints it probably with a cover price this time or pay for it online. Johns is remaining on Green Lantern, and Doug Mahnke is joining him as the new regular artist starting with issue It’s probably best to look at the relationship between Nighht Night and the two Green Lantern books as similar to that of Secret Invasion and the Avengers books last year.

The main story beats occur in Blackest Night, but the other two books flesh out certain characters and conflicts. Additionally, Blackest Night features a wider cast of DC heroes, while the two GL books will confine themselves more to the various Lantern Corps and their respective struggles.

As for other tie-ins, DC have a fairly extensive list of books to choose from. DiDio says, “We’ll probably push it a little further than we did with Final Crisis, but nowhere near what we did with Infinite Crisis or what other companies might do.

To date, DC have only released the tie-in checklist for the first half of Blackest Night, which covers the months of July through October. That doesn’t include Blackest Night 0, which already shipped in May. But even Black Hand is unaware of the true power he holds that will connect him to the Blackest Night!

Blackest Night: Flash Vol 1 3 | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Discover this villain’s connection to death and the Black Lantern Corps! This issue will ship with two covers.

Please see the Previews Order Form for more information. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis raise the dead in the most anticipated comics story of the year! Throughout the decades, death has plagued the DC Universe and taken the lives of heroes and villains alike. But to what end? Don’t miss this 8-issue epic taking the DCU beyond the grave!


This issue will ship with three covers. In this 3-issue miniseries, writers Geoff Johns and Peter J.

These issues will each ship with two covers. But their old friend is not there for reunions; he’s come for much more. Patt, Sinestro seeks to rebuild his army and checkkist his revenge on the being who would usurp it — Mongul! The event of the summer continues! The dead rise across the DC Universe, bringing terror and darkness with them. What are the Black Lanterns? What do they want? Will Earth’s greatest heroes survive long enough to find out — or will they join the Black Lantern Corps?

The Black Lanterns descend nightt all the Corps throughout the universe! Sinestro’s assault on the Star Sapphires’ homeworld of Zamaron is interrupted by another Sinestro Corps — one made up of those who nignt during the Sinestro Corps War! And while the War of Light flickers, deep in the darkness of space, John Stewart comes face-to-face with his deceased wife — and longtime Green Lantern — Katma Tui.

Just when things couldn’t look any darker after the death and chaos of the Sciencell riot, Blackest Night descends on Oa! The black rings tear into the planet and the Lantern Crypt causing all the dead Corps members to rise and wreak havoc as a new and deadlier battle threatens to engulf not only the Corps, but the Universe itself!

Deadman can’t shut out the cries of the dead rising as he comes to the aid of the new Batman. It’s just in time, too, as the duo face a circus of zombies including the Black Lantern Flying Graysons! For every 25 copies of the Standard Edition with a cover by Andy Kubertretailers may order one copy of the Variant Edition with a cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. Black Lantern Superman has unearthed Pa Kent’s grave! But that’s only the beginning of the horrifying things he’s about to unleash on an unsuspecting Smallville.

Black Lantern Titans are descending together onto Titans Island! Will the Titans be prepared to fight off their deceased allies? As the dead attack in full force, Green Lantern is faced with an impossible decision and the scattered remains of the Justice League suffer a terrible loss. Who can stop the Black Lanterns? Why are they rising? And how can the Spectre help? For months, Mongul has wrested control of the Sinestro Corps.

Now Sinestro wants a word with him. And Hal wants a word with Sinestro. Sinestro gets some serious payback.

The battle continues on Oa as the honored dead of the Green Lantern Corps and the recently deceased Sciencell convicts who lost their lives in the riots have all become Black Lanterns and will not rest nnight the bloody hearts and minds of the Green Lanterns are literally in their hands. Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardener and John Stewart resort to their most brutal fighting yet as checilist Blackest Night threatens to envelop Sector Zero and send the universe reeling into chaos!

Will the new Batman join his predecessor in the grave? Will Red Robin’s reunion with his father be bitter and bloody? Can anyone escape the horror of the Black Lanterns?

Find out in this new installment of the 3-issue miniseries from writer Peter J. It’s a crisis in Smallville as Psycho Pirate attacks! Plus, Superman’s dead bride returns as a Black Lantern!


Black Lantern Hawk has his talons set for the female Hawk and Dove! Continuing the 3-issue miniseries from writer J. Batman 3 Blackest Night: Superman 3 Blackest Night: Titans 3 Cchecklist — the October solicitations haven’t been released by DC yet.

And that’s just the first half. Batman, Superman, and Titans all conclude in October. They’ll make way for a new slate of mini-series and tie-in projects beginning in Bllackest. As currently scheduled, Blackest Night will run through February And parrt be surprised if the tie-ins didn’t continue on through the spring as the after-effects of the event are felt.

It seems like a lot of material.

Blackest Night Figures | eBay

That said, we don’t see any reason why casual readers need run out and purchase every single tie-in. Quality notwithstanding, how many Final Crisis tie-ins were truly necessary to understanding Grant Morrison’s story?

The rest of the tie-ins are being positioned as supplementary material. Superman will provide a closer look at that particular villain and the rest of the Superman family.

The niight goes for BN: Tales of the Corps, meanwhile, offers up a collection of short stories dealing with the different Lantern Corps. We doubt it’ll be necessary reading, but it will provide more details on some of the peripheral players in the event.

For instance, this mini-series will be the first to truly explore the Indigo Lanterns as they make their long-awaited appearance in the War of Light.

You can still just read Green Lantern and get the story. But if you read both, you’ll get more pieces of the story and get the bigger scope of it. That’s what we’re hoping to do here. You can read just Blackest Night, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll want to see more of the story and read Green Lantern as well as Green Lantern Corps.

We’re trying to do our best to make sure you don’t have to buy everything, but we want you to enjoy it so much that you’ll want to. We don’t yet know what the second half of Blackest Night holds in store as far as new books. We suspect DC is reluctant to officially confirm the complete line-up for fear of spoiling certain story developments. We do know there are at least three projects replacing the Titans, Superman and Batman mini-series. And that’s all for now. We fully expect to update this guide several times over the course of Blackest Night.

As more information about the Black Lanterns surfaces and DC reveals the second half of the Blackest Night tie-in lineup, we’ll adjust this guide accordingly. And don’t forget that the IGN message boards are a great resource for new readers. We’re reasonably certain they won’t bite.

Blackest Night Figures

They even have an official thread devoted to Blackest Night with plenty of useful information and chatter. And keep checking the main site for plenty of Blackest Night updates throughout the summer and into Continued from Page 3.

History of the Green Lanterns.