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The Buckhorn Legacy (The Buckhorn Brothers) [Lori Foster] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Emma Clark is back in Buckhorn. Once she . Lori Foster Bundle (The Buckhorn Brothers Book 1) – Kindle edition by Lori Foster . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Buckhorn Beginnings: Sawyer\Morgan (The Buckhorn Brothers) [Lori Foster] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sawyer The only doctor in.

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There is quite a bit of sexual content. He bullied Misty, the love interest, the whole book, and not in a fun playful way. These books are sweet and sexy and pretty tame. Buckhorn Beginnings by Lori Foster. Open Preview See a Problem?

He tries his damnedest to avoid his attraction to her, with the end result looking like he can’t even stand her.

Their romance was brotuers entertaining to watch, not only because they were clearly made for each other, but also because Morgan was so hilariously lost most of the time.

She doesn’t want to burden her sister with all she’s facing, but between finding out she’s pregnant, losing her job, and ending up with a criminal record, she’s running out of options. Misty Malone that is. A Buckhorn Bachelor by Lori Foster. He couldn’t stand losing control of himself, and that’s the state Misty had him in all the time.

I picked up Sawyer and Morgan this weekend She is currently published with HQN. In fact they were some of the first ever romance novels I read and I still remember their bright red covers – they were released under the UK ‘Sensual Romance’ category.

Sawyer is a single doctor. Back to Buckhorn by Lori Foster. Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe, Jordan and Casey. Misty was portrayed as a weak female. Great having two in volume On to the next two!


Of course, with all that sexual tension that made for some explosive encounters whenever they let go and got near each other. Sawyer- Sawyer’s story was a very sweet story about a small town doctor living with his brothers and raising a son. It’s great to intertwine yourself with a story that has many plots and fun scenes. Look, Lori Foster can do no wrong in my book. Buckhorn Beginnings is my first Lori Foster experience and before I was halfway through it I ran over to audible and grabbed the next audio, Forever Buckhorn.

He bullied her to make her leave his family’s house.

They’re not so good with the talky-talk word things why would they be? First we have Sawyer, the oldest brother bufkhorn is the only local doctor. I’m not sure when but awhile ago I actually read just more than half of this story.

Buckhorn Beginnings

Morgan Buckhorn’s big, bad sheriff, Morgan Hudson, wants a wife—one who’s even-tempered, undemanding and content with small-town life. Looking forward to and already enjoying the beginning of Morgan’s tale next. Refresh and try again. Morgan by Lori Foster. I read the Buckhorn brother’s books years ago when they were first released.

Sawyer was very good. Jordan by Lori Foster. Check and double check.

Tucker by Lori Foster. I always love Lori Foster books! Jun 29, Alyssa Edmonds rated it it was amazing. This is my third or forth time reading this book. Honey Malone comes careening into the brothers yard as Sawyer and Casey fix a fence.

Buckhorn Brothers Series by Lori Foster

Honey is running from something or someone. Shelve Back to Buckhorn. I liked these books. But they’re far too chivalrous and protective to let her go it alone, and once they have some idea of what she’s up against, they’re determined to see her safely through it — especially Sawyer. No trivia or quizzes yet.


I really loved Sawyer and his son Casey the back story is just the best- all the brothers help raise Casey since he was an infant! He wants her gone because she is Honey’s sister and since he is smitten with her but his up-front, total honesty leaves something to be desired.

Sure, the heroines were vapid and moronic.

Buckhorn Brothers Series

Polar opposite of her brotherw older sister Misty was everything lively brothets vivacious where Honey was quieter and more self-contained. There were certainly some bedroom scenes, but they weren’t as graphic as I’m used to reading, and I’m not sure if that has more to buckhron with the age of the series or the character of the brothers featured.

She did a fabulous job telling the story without cutting corners. I liked that she was flirty and fun with everyone else but with him, she was fighting the attraction and ended up being bitchy. Mar 19, Taera rated it did not like it. Brohters swear the way these men are described I’m not talking heat level here, ’cause the books are actually quite steamy, but in the ‘could these men be any more chivalrous I read the Buckhorn brother’s books years ago when they were first released.

Both the Hudson brothers featured so far are white knights coming to the rescue of damsels in distress, but it plays out in such a way that you can’t help but root for them and then laugh when they stumble.