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Chosen by God [R. C. Sproul] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With nearly , copies sold in its 25 years, Chosen by God by Dr. With nearly , copies sold in its 25 years, Chosen by God by Dr. R. C. Sproul is a contemporary classic on predestination, a doctrine that isn’t just for. Tackling the subject of predestination, Sproul argues that it paints a portrait of a loving God who provides redemption for radically corrupt humans, rather than.

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Along the way touches on Calvin a lotLuther, Jonathan Edw I stumbled into reading this book after naively thinking I could Google predestination and arrive at the single answer explaining it.

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God ensures the conditions necessary for salvation are met. This book was a life-changer. Jan 13, Angelyn Vaughan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sproul’s Chosen By God is an incredible presentation of the Reformed view of sovereign predestination. True Christians can fall seriously and radically, but not totally and finally. Try a converted Arminian.

Here is a clear scriptural case for the classic and sometimes controversial Christian doctrine of predestination. My husband and I had the privilege of attending at least two of Dr Sproul’s conferences in the past.


Rather, Sproul early on points out that in fact, Calvinists and Arminians alike do believe that God is sovereign. Sproul arugues that Scripture answers that question with a resounding “NO.

He removes the restraints, increasing their freedom, which they use to sin more. In this short book, Dr. An understanding of God’s utter holiness, man’s total depravity, and God’s grace, justice, Dr. Jun 27, Ali Mcqueen rated it really liked it Shelves: Preservation doesn’t destroy free will.

Chosen By God: Know God’s Perfect Plan for His Glory and His Children

Sproultheologian, pastor and teacher, was founder of Ligonier Ministries, an international teaching ministry based in Orlando, Florida. With nearlycopies sold in its 25 years, Chosen by God by Dr.

We choose God because he has opened our eyes to see his beauty; we love him because he first loved us. Man alone lacks the ability.

Oct 31, Mary Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: For example, he does admit that Hebrews 6: It is not clear to me r.c.soroul we should expect that the infinite Father God has given us commands that exceed our capacity to obey.

It’s our faith but doesn’t originate with us; God gives it to us. In an effort t Dr.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Before a person can choose Christ, their heart must be changed.


However, he doesn’t just say “that may not sound fair, but if that’s not fair, then it’s not fair that Jesus is our reprsentive either” and think that that is adequate. There are a few questions you must settle in your mind to determine whether what is written in this book is true.

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Heb 6 seems to say believers can lose salvation, but this isn’t the case due to v. Noting that “the freedom of a sovereign is always greater than the freedom of his subjects”Sproul argues for r.c.sprou total control of God over all areas of creation. Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: Jul 06, Jacob Aitken rated it really liked it.

Remember that this topic is not dogma. Chsoen argument of Calvinist theology versus Armenian theology has separated Protestant denominations for centuries. Are you willing to be content and at peace when God decrees something to happen that you do not understand, and do you trust that He controls all things and that nothing can happen outside his permission?