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Latin: Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat! Tempora bona veniant, Pax Christi veniat, Regnum Christi veniat English. Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat! Christ conquers! Christ reigns! Christ commands! Happy feast! # Today, the last Sunday in the Church year, is the feast of Christ the King. We wish you all a happy and holy day. To celebrate the feast, we invite.

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A king must rule through his laws and through the love of his subjects for Him.

Merely believing is not enough. My Baltimore Catechism states this very plainly: His true subjects are devoted to Him in life and death; they would rather die than be disloyal to Him.

The idea of service to our Lord is foreign to what I call “me-first theology”. It is reckoned that by China is prognosticated to be the largest Christian nation in the world!! Why do some people have such a problem with God actually making demands on us? It consists of six sections and a refrain. Remember the new Coptic martyrs in Libya. Jesus convincesJesus watchesJesus suggests.

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Christus Vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat

May those redeemed by the Blood of Christ have favourable times Happily! Iraneaus of Lyon A. That is the secret of the triumph of our Catholic missionaries and of the failure of the Protestant preachers. He is referring to the utterly amazing spread of Christianity in the aftermath of the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus Eucharistic is a conqueror Who never halts but ever marches onward; He wants to?

And Catholic religious instruction in schools and homes?

Yet Christianity, undergoing such a hard time in western countries right now, is continuing to spread and grow in many other places, especially in Africa and Asia. The blood of Jesus which purples our lips makes us a terror to Satan; we are sprinkled with the blood of the true Lamb, and the exterminating angel will not impwrat.

christuss It is in this context that God commands us. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat His death christuus the cross overcame the darkness that consumed mankind because of the very fact that He is the Son of God who reigns over all things.

He is the Word Incarnate, the only one that could save us from sin and death. Having a picture of him up but never actually teaching what he commands is almost an insult.

This is the message that resonates in the Church on the feast of the Solemnity of Christ the King. Often, we may act as if we do not have any need of anyone in this life.


Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat | Catholicism Pure & Simple

However, man is made for a relationship with his Creator and this renders us ever more human if we allow Him to truly enter our hearts. Every time He takes possession of a country, He pitches chrisyus His Eucharistic royal tent.

Christ conquers, He reigns, He commands; may Chrietus defend His people from all evil. And how unhappy are the nations that no longer possess the Eucharist! Go and teach ye all nations, teaching them to keep all that I have commanded you. What must we do to gain the happiness of heaven? Hardly any Chinese, though. Now, who would ever have thought that?!

Laudes RegiƦ

Christus vincit, regnat, imperat. The Lord would have undertaken all that suffering to save even one soul and so we can only immagine the great value that our soul has in His eyes.

No, because Love will not allow it.

You are commenting using your WordPress. And how unhappy are the nations that no longer possess the Eucharist! March 1, at