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The Hermetica are Egyptian-Greek wisdom texts from the 2nd century AD and later, which are . The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus ( English), Translated by John Everard, Printed in London, ; Fowden, Garth, The. The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus an Egyptian Philosopher. In 17 Books translated formerly out of the Arabic into Greek, and thence into. The Divine Pymander [Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, John Everard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hermetica is a category of.

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Revelation of the Above and the Below. How is that, quoth I?

It is a venerable way and plain, but hard and difficult for the soul to go in that is in the body. Rather I that am the Mind itself, will not suffer the operations or Works, which happen or belong to the body, to be finished and brought to perfection in them; but being the Porter or DoorkeeperI will shut up the entrances of Evil, and cut off the thoughtful desires of filthy works.

Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus

Descent of the Logos. George rated it it was amazing Jul 04, It is clear though that the Hermetica is post Christian and was influenced by Christianity, as well as by Platonism and Greek philosophy in general. And the Earth and the Water stayed by themselves so mingled together, that the Earth could not be seen for the Water, but they pymandee moved because of the Spiritual word that was carried upon them.

And from the elements came forth the brood divvine living creatures.

The Divine Pymander Index

Things upon Earth, do nothing advantage those in Heaven; but all things in Heaven do profit and advantage all things upon Earth. And from her bosom, Nature produced living things, four-footed animals and reptiles, beasts wild and tame. But I, with thanks and blessings unto the Father of the universal Powers, was now freed, full of the power the Shepherd had poured into me, and full of what he had taught me about the nature of All and of the loftiest Vision.


And such an one never ceaseth, having unfulfiled desires, and unsatisfiable concupiscences, and always fighting in darkness; for the Demon always afflicts and tormenteth him continually, and increaseth the fire upon him more and more. It does have great philosophical value as an example of Middle Platonism and as a precursor to Neo-Platonism.

The Divine Pymander: Hermes Trismegistus, His First Book

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. And then being made naked of all the Operations of Harmonyit cometh to the Eighth Nature, having its proper power, and singeth praises to the father with the things that are, and all they that are present rejoice, and congratulate the coming of it; and being made like to them with whom it converseth, it heareth also the Powers that are above the Eighth Nature, singing Praise to God in a certain voice that is peculiar to them.

And seeing in the Water a Shape, a Shape like unto himself, in himself he loved it, and would cohabit with it, and immediately upon the resolution ensued the operation, and brought forth the unreasonable Image or Shape.

And when it was evening and the brightness of the same began wholly to go down, I commanded them to go down, I commanded them to give thanks to God; and when they had finished their thanksgiving, everyone returned to his own lodging. Their concerns are practical in nature, their end is a spiritual rebirth through the enlightenment of the mind:.

The Divine Pymander of Hermes: Revelation of the Above and the Below

Seeing within myself an immaterial vision that came from the mercy of God, I went out of myself into an immortal body, and now I am not what I was before. The impetus for this revival came from the Latin translation by Marsilio Ficinoa member of the de’ Medici courtwho published a collection of thirteen tractates inas De potestate et sapientia Dei. And if the two parts be overcome, they become quiet, and are content to accept of it as their Ruler ; but if the one be overcome of the two, it is by them led and carried to be punished by its being and continuance here.


For being immortal, and having power of all things, he yet suffers mortal things, and such as are subject to Fate or Destiny.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But the WorkmanMindtogether with the Wordcontaining the circles, and whirling them about, turned round as a wheel, his own Workmanships; and suffered them to be turned from an indefinite Beginning to an indeterminable end, for they always begin where they end. View all 7 comments.

State University of New York Press. Ashley rated it really liked it Apr 07, Thus Pimander to me.

If then you know that you are yourself ypmander Life and Light, and that divie are made of them, you shall return to Life and Light. And so all things were multiplied according to their kind. And when I was amazed, he spoke again to me: Furthermore, why sayest thou, What resteth, but that understanding all men thou become a guide, and way-leader to them that are worthy; that the kind of Humanityor Mankindmay be saved by God? But others casting themselves down before my feet, besought me that they might be taught; but I, causing them to rise up, became a guide of mankind, teaching them the reasons how, and by what means they may be pymandet.

Jean rated it really liked it Sep 17, Trivia About Divine Pymander o