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Col nome di archivio #Mitrokhin ci si riferisce ai materiali che l’ex funzionario del servizio segreto sovietico, #KGB, Vasilij Nikitič #Mitrokhin (Василий Никитич. Italy Parliament Commissione parlamentare d’inchiesta concernente il “dossier Mitrokhin” e l’attività d’intelligence italiana. Overview. Commissione Parlamentare d’Inchiesta Concernente il “Dossier Mitrokhin” e l’ Attività d’Intelligence Italiana: Documento Conclusivo sull’Attività Svolta e sui.

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Their strategy included mass political repressions and establishing subordinate secret police services at the occupied territories. Mitrokhin’s mirtokhin have been followed up worldwide. Mitrokhin, who was by that time the head of the Archives department, was assigned by the director of the First Directorate, Vladimir Kryuchkovwith the task of cataloging the documents and overseeing their orderly transfer to the new Headquarters.

Spy in the s”. After these events, Andropov had a “Hungarian complex”:. The provenance of this archive is itself a matter of some controversy.

Mitrokhin Commission – Wikipedia

Large-scale sabotage preparations were supposedly made against the US, Canada dosssier, and elsewhere in case of war, including hidden weapons caches; several have been removed or destroyed by police relying on Mitrokhin’s information.

This means that the attack was not his own initiative, it was someone else’s idea, someone else had commissioned him to carry it out. Still, the overall impact of this volume is convincing, though none of the material will send historians scurrying to rewrite their books.

Thousands of leads from Mr. The True Story of Soviet Science. Retrieved 23 June The Economist reviewed the book as:.


Views Read Edit View history. Pazienza claimed that Michael Ledeen “was the person responsible for dreaming up the ‘Bulgarian connection’ behind the plot to kill the Pope. Webarchive template wayback links Vague or ambiguous geographic scope from July Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from June Wikipedia articles needing clarification from July All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June We spoke at length.

Reproduced in [1] Internet Archive copy. Our intelligence and security agencies have assessed the value of Mr. URL accessed on However, after not being able to verify any of the information in the book, he tried to use the Commission as a political tool against members of the Italian Left by setting them up.

Notes in the archive describe extensive preparations for large-scale sabotage operations against the United States, Canada, and Europe in dossiet event of war, although none was recorded as having been carried out, beyond creating weapons and explosives caches in assorted foreign countries.

The investigation showed that Scaramella received some of his “information” from Alexander Litvinenko. Retrieved 21 June Mitrokhin made no attempt to contact any Western intelligence service during the Soviet Era.

Scaramella, according to the interceptions, was to collect false witnesses among KGB refugees in Europe to support this aim. Advanirequested the Government a white paper to file defamation suits against Christopher Andrew. According to Mitrokhin’s notes, Soviet security organizations played key dossiwr in establishing puppet Communist governments in Eastern Europe and Afghanistan. Regarding the MI5 and MI6, Dpssier commented that “their interest seems to have been only in the publication of a book on the misdeeds of the KGB”, going so far as to suggest that “The Mitrokhin notes and the two books based on it written by Andrew are part of the MI6’s psywar against Russia”.


Dossier Mitrokhin (Rapporto Impedian 1995) SEGRETISSIMO

Mitrokhin, la magistratura indaga, l’Udc prende le mitrokgin Archived at the Wayback Machine. He then went to the British embassy and a young diplomat there saw his potential.

Like Raman, she expressed bewilderment as to how Mitrokhin could have acquired access to the documents and was able to copy them unnoticed—”incredibly, given the rigorous security rules in all Soviet archives”—as well as take the archive to a Baltic country unhindered.

Andropov remained haunted for the rest of his life by the speed with which an apparently all-powerful Communist one-party state had begun to topple.

Mitrokhin Commission

Many unsolved investigations have been closed; many earlier suspicions confirmed; and some names and reputations have been cleared. Also, the operational material matches western electronic intercepts and agent reports. Additionally, the Committee thought “that misleading stories were allowed to receive wide circulation”, and they found that SIS mitrokhij handle the publication and the media matters appropriately.