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Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology, 5e 5th Edition. by Eric Whaites MSc BDS(Hons) FDSRCS(Edin) FDSRCS(Eng) FRCR DDRRCR (Author). Eric Whaites heads up the Unit of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiological Imaging at King’s College London Dental Institute based at Guy’s Hospital in London as. Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology by Eric Whaites, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The scattered photon may then: Circuitry and tube voltage Fig. It is easy to dip in and out of, so knowledgeon particular topics can be easily refreshed.

Questions have been specially prepared to enable readers of both books to assess their knowledge and understanding of each chapter as they study and prepare for examinations. The The various radiographic images of the teeth, approach and format adopted throughout these jaws and skull are divided into two main groups: Somatic deterministic effects 5 X-ray equipment, films and processing This chapter summarizes the more important Dental X-ray generating equipment points of the equipment and the other practical aspects involved in the production of the final There are several dental X-ray sets available from radiographic image, namely: A plaster of made from plaster of Paris, ii Plan view shows the Paris, B hollow plastic, C metal, D wood, iii Radiographs cylinders have varying internal designs and thicknesses.

With the appearance of the first except to encourage readers to take advantage of edition it was obvious that it provided an unusu- all that this book offers.

This main mechanisms are thought to be responsible: Differential diagnosis of radiolucent lesions considerations including control of of the jaws infection 69 A radiopaque white object arrowed can be seen apparently in the base of the right nasal cavity. The result I hope is a clear,logical However, the aims and objectives of the book and easily understandable text, that continues to remain unchanged denfal the first edition, namely make a positive contribution to the challenging task to provide a basic and practical account of what I of teaching and learning dental radiology.


The legal focus to rental fsd distances are: The temporomandibular joint Interaction of X-rays at the atomic level 6.

Differential diagnosis of lesions of variable eriic in the jaws To order a sample copy of the book, click here. Looking for beautiful books?

The image shows the various black, grey and white radiographic shadows.


This is helpful as it means the information is accessible to all; you can start from the beginning and work through full chapters, or simply access a particular area you are interested in Dr Neil Lewis duced in the first place. The apparently simple image can affect how we interpret that image.

The risks associated with some of the diagnostic inves- tigations are discussed in Chapter 4.

Published by Marvin’s Underground Collections Implant assessment 6. Clinically, produce good contrast between the different our differing perceptions may lead to different shadows Fig. The main reasons for mated at approximately 3. B The principle of line focus, diagram of the target and focal spot showing how the angled target face allows a large actual focal spot but a small apparent focal spot. Closer examination shows the letter B and the number 13 to be identical.

The X-ray photons energy photons.

Disorders of the salivary glands and sialography Bibliography and suggested reading Index This page intentionally left blank Foreword I am flattered to have been asked to write another of the second edition were demanded, has Foreword to Eric Whaites’ excellent text. Contains recent classifications and advanced imaging modalities including cone beam CT imaging reic.


Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology

Quality of the radiographic image Overall image quality and the amount of detail These factors are in turn dependent on several shown on a radiograph depend on several factors, variables, relating to the density of the object, the including: Written in an accessible manner, which avoids unnecessary detail, each page spread has been carefully designed to ensure clarity of understanding by the reader to facilitate both examination success and confidence and safety in the clinical situation.

Atomic stability is again achieved by the capture of another free electron. In this latest edition, both traditional methods of imaging and new modalities are explored and a new author has been brought on board to bring a fresh approach to the subject area. Skull and maxillofacial radiography The outer-shell electron is ejected nowcalled final radiograph. Understanding the radiographic image is central to the entire eesentials.

Elsevier: Whaites and Drage: Dental Radiology and Radiography · Welcome

The length of any radius from the source of scatter indicates the relative amount of scatter in that direction. More than illustrations – many of them updated – present clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an accessible manner.

Lead has an atomic function by the photoelectric effect — when number of 82 and is therefore a good absorber of exposed to X-rays, the screens emit their excess X-rays — hence its use in radiation protection energy as light, which subsequently affects the film see Ch.