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As we reported on Autoline Daily, Ford has developed a new kind of front suspension that eliminates torque steer. Called RevoKnuckle, it looks. Ford’s RevoKnuckle front suspension is a re-engineered version of the McPherson setup which weighs less and costs less than a double. NASICS: RevoKnuckle suspension. 5th July hen Ford were developing the Mk2 Focus RS they had a problem to overcome. Big power (bhp), and.

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PH – Most memorable drives. I agree to receive emails from the site. Sometimes this involves locking the wheels to spin at the same rate, and in others, it biases torque to the wheel with the most grip.

Used Hyundai Elantra 23, cars. It is a simple, highly robust solution that is also exceptionally effective.

Ford RevoKnuckle Suspension and Quaife LSD Explained

Latest Features British Columbia: While it may sound complex, in truth it is a simple, durable and cost-effective mechanical solution.

Various innovations, developed as a result of customer feedback from previous performance Fords, have allowed engineers to keep the new Focus RS as front-wheel drive, with a limited-slip differential, while still achieving demanding targets for traction, handling and steering. Get the Web’s best daily performance and luxury automotive newsletter! We’ll email you the latest in performance and luxury automotive news every day. If is so revolutionary, then chances are Ford won’t want to tell everyone how it works.

McLaren shows off Speedtail design themes so no two cars look alike. Used Chevrolet Cruze 7, cars.


Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. So in the end, Ford thinks it has come out with a product that will beat the competition thanks to a lighter, more tactile solution that offers a better combination of power, traction and driving dynamics. As one wheel slips, it spins faster, and the torque differential across the two sets of gears increases, progressively locking the set that’s transferring the most torque, slowing its speed and sending more power to the wheel with more grip.

Recommended Galleries Toyota Supra leaked, again. PH – Shed of the Year. Ive read the story on the new Rs and was just wondering if anyone on here can shed some more light on this ‘new’ design have searched the net and found nothing.

But unlike an open differential, when one wheel starts to spin at a much higher rate than the other, it steps in to keep the spin from degenerating into futile burnt rubber.

Stock photography by izmostock. Get daily e-mail updates GO. Latest News British Columbia: To separate emails with commas.

RevoKnuckle – Wikipedia

Was hoping to see a picture or diagram, as i want to know how it works as opposed to what it does. Take Us With You! BigMansZetec 1, posts months. Used Volkswagen Golf 2, cars. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 But yeah, it would be interesting to know. One downside of the helical LSD, or any torque-biasing unit for that matter, is that if one wheel becomes unweighted or otherwise completely loses traction, the differential won’t function – it becomes revonkuckle essence an open differential.

Used Ford Focus 7, cars. Thanks Dave, that has shed light on the subject. The mid-size pickup truck pace-setter.


It is characterised by sudden turning force on the steering wheel and can be exacerbated by vehicles with wide tyres and limited-slip differentials.

Read our Cookie Policy. Our work has shown clearly that our approach in combining a tuned RevoKnuckle with the Quaife differential is an ideal solution for a high performance fors road car like Focus RS. Cutting out the center differential and rear drive mechanism saves cost, complexity and weight – all enemies of high-performance and affordable hatchbacks.

The upside is that it sends more power to the grippiest wheel, rather than simply locking them together and potentially losing even more traction, and they don’t tend to grab and yank the drive wheels, making it particularly well-suited to an FWD application. They know a thing or two about making a FWD car fast, is why, and they thought they could come out with a car that performs better than an AWD equivalent.

What this does is move the king-pin offset the distance of the steering axis of rotation for the wheel closer to the wheel center than would otherwise be possible. Lidar, big data could make de-icing roads more efficient. For the limited-slip diff, they called on Quaife, a standard in the field, while they tapped their own engineers for the design of fogd RevoKnuckle suspension.