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2nd Company Tactical Marine. Chapter Name: Botherhood of Steel; Founding: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding; Founding Chapter: Iron Hands. Looking for fellow Iron Hands brethren. I’m building my IH army and would love to track down the Iron Hands info offered in the Index Astartes III. A further departure from the doctrines of the Codex Astartes is the lack of Chaplains. The Iron Hands suffered terrible losses at the hands of the Traitor Marines.

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Sadly my entire force of Iron Hands is bare and unpainted, but I do plan on ending my irom drought soon. Anyone who looked upon the mighty warhammer could feel the power radiating from within it and know instinctively that more than just skill had asstartes into its forging.

Though precise numbers are impossible to obtain it is unlikely that Ferrus himself knows how many of his treacherous sons still ‘live’ in the nightmarish fashion of their kindLegion analysts believe hahds the Tenth Legion cannot count more than twenty thousand Legionaries throughout all the galaxy and the various hellish realms where they hide from the Emperor’s Judgement. Soon, the Primarch came in contact with the nomadic tribes of Medusa. There are two things that bugs me: Meanwhile, Corax’ Legion hit the right flank of the enemy’s position.

This artefact kept Ulrach from dying, but it reacted poorly with the corruption present in the Captain’s body.

The Gorgon’s Forge (Iron Hands WIP)

When Guilliman returned from Eskrador, convinced to have slain Alpharius, Ferrus returned command without challenge. It appeared as if the data had been deliberately erased, with not even the information about how the system had been named in the first place available.

When fighting Imperial human soldiers, the Iron Hands shout warcries like ‘Rejoice, maggots, for the chosen of Nurgle are among you! They were apart from the rest of the hierarchy, and tasked by the Primarch himself with guiding the Legion’s path on matters both philosophical, tactical and technical, combining their approaches and knowledge to reach the best possible decision.

Such a blatant affront to the ideals of the Great Crusade could not be tolerated, and after Ferrus’ first offer to the humans to leave the Diasporex and join the Imperium was refused, the Tenth Legion decided to eradicate the whole conglomerate. To counter this, Ferrus Manus declared that all human worlds conquered by his forces would pay a tithe of blood: He pointed out towards the northern edge of the Urgall Depression so that Ferrus could see that it was he and his fellow Loyalists who were undone.


Such was the trust Guilliman had in Ferrus that when he left the main theatre of the Heresy to hunt down Alpharius, he gave the reins of the traitor forces to the Gorgon.

This set the scene for the Primarch’s entrance into mythic history, and the Medusan legends teach of him wandering the northern realms, casting down hulking storm giants, performing superhuman feats of cunning and strength, and slaying monsters and murderous machine-creatures left relic beneath the black ice of Medusa from bygone ages of war and slaughter. There have been many theories as to why machines with an Abominable Intelligence inevitably turn on Mankind.

The reverence they hold for the mechanical, the physical embodiment of knowledge, is frowned upon by the majority of more Codex Space Marine Chapters. After careful examination, its surviving citizens were sent to quarantine worlds, and the planet itself subjected to Exterminatus. Very quickly, with its victories and developing tactics, the X th Legion was forging an identity for itself in battle, and the name “the Storm Walkers” or “Stormwalkers” had been coined for them by the Urshan who had come to view them with an almost superstitious awe.

This article is about the White Dwarf articles.

Warhammer 40k Index Astartes III (3) – Iron Hands – World Eaters – Ultramarines | eBay

Faced with the might of four Primarchs, two of which — Lion El’Jonson and Roboute Guilliman — were flowing with the mastered power of Chaos, the defenders were broken, and the traitors gained access to the Cavea Ferrum, the ultimate defence of the Palace. During this era of igon Age of the Imperiumthe newly resurgent High Lords of Terra re-assembled the disparate strands of anarchy that had ravaged the Emperor’s realm and purged what could not inddex saved.

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The Iron Hands pushed through the defences, the bulky Terminators unstoppable in their relentless advance. This plain fact was acknowledged both by the Iron Hands themselves and by the Emperor in employing them accordingly. It was only after a terrible war, the magnitude of which would not be seen again until the Heresy itself, that the Men of Iron were defeated.


Anything else is nothing more than self-delusion. A second wave, comprising the Night LordsIron WarriorsAlpha Legion and a contingent from the Word Bearers Legions, would follow them and support their initial attack.

Index Astartes: Brotherhood of Steel

Upon their awakening, the Iron Hands slaughtered the entire population of Gaudinia Prime, abandoning their usual approach of letting their plagues do their work for them. The tech-priests and princeps were fused to their warmachines, while the weaponry and armor of the Titans mutated into Warp-grown, tumorous chitin and handz cannons.

The body of Ferrus was never found, however, and many believe he somehow survived. Although considered one of the finest and most senior field commanders in the Imperium, and an individual of great and sometimes barbed pride, Ferrus Manus did not display any outward signs of displeasure at Horus Lupercal’s promotion above him as Warmaster, although as one of the most veteran of the Primarchs, he might have expected such consideration.

Some Apothecaries of the Iron Hands have remarked that the longer an aspirant endures before breaking down, the more Nurgle seems to favor him afterwards.

I had started converting a primaris lieutenant to have two power fists and then his weapons mounted on the power fists. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. Among his brothers, Ferrus was one of those whose preservation pod spent the longest into the Warp before it was spat out into realspace.

He travelled areas that any other man would have found inaccessible. After the Atartes, Ferrus was the only traitor Primarch to follow Guilliman on his march to Terra, the two Legions fighting side by side on hanxs hundred worlds during their advance on the Throneworld. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.

The Iron Council has seen long-standing allies fall to madness or corruption, and thought back with disquiet to days long passed. With the Chaos Lord unable to leave the ship, it is his Equerry, Cadmus Tyro, who leads the warband on the battlefield.