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Earlier we were using PDF creator software to convert spool files. laser printer connected to iSeries · Converting IPDS to AFPDS and getting. OVRPRTF FILE(BOLPRT) DEVTYPE(*AFPDS) PAGESIZE(11 + . Guys, anybody know how to convert the spool files to pdf in color. I discovered that the font we used on the overlay on the iseries is not supported in pdf. it possible to convert AFP spool files to PDFs for the purposes of archiving them ( creating some sort of index over them) without a) having InfoPrint for Iseries or.

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There are many third party tools that allow you to be able to convert a spool isedies to PDF, but how can I do it just using native IBM i features? For IBM i 6. Simon Hutchinson February 20, at 4: In the above example, the QSYSPRT system-supplied printer file is being overridden; however, no specific settings are being overridden.

Converting an IBM i Spool File to a PDF

January by Kalyani Yerra. TXT to download the file to the PC. Create a physical file using the CRTPF command with a record iseriez equal to the record length of the spooled file.

The above post was to describe how to create a PDF file from a spool file without human intervention, for example: Just now reading this thread To prevent “comment spam” all comments are moderated. Newer Post Older Post Home. X We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website.

In my experience today the data seemed to “float” a little bit. But they tend to be more of kseries exact replica. Use the Page Down key to scroll down 4 or 5 pages until you find the entry for Page fole. We’re wanting to do this as cheaply as possible, since the.


The Project properties window appears. It might be cheaper in the long run to simply buy s;ooled third party product. Simon Hutchinson October 7, at 2: I am not so sure that would work in most scenarios I use this for as they are batch jobs that run as part of the night run. Find out the job qualifier, file name, and spooled file number for this spooled file.

We would like to be able to search the finished PDF for text if possible. I have received several communications informing me that you can use the Operation Navigator to convert a spool file to iseriez PDF file.

Creating PDF files from spool files | – From AS to IBM i

Type option 8 attributes next to the spooled file and press the Enter key. What I’m curious about is, since this is an AFP spool file, is fioe is a definitive source of info other than the IBM API reference manual that says, if I have a certain capability set up in the spool file, that it will translate to a certain set of characters in the user space each and every time I retrieve it.

Type Option 8 attributes next to the spooled file, and ixeries the Enter key. We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website.

KJB March 27, at If you can generate a spool file with Hebrew characters I do not see why this would not work. Miles Butler March 28, at We’re wanting to do this as cheaply as possible, since the conversion of the invoices over to AFP is allowing us to get rid of of another software package.


After we create the font, use this code to create a com. From IBM’s Suport documents: But I have a problem. Moti March 27, at 9: Check here to start a new keyword search. Repeat Step 8 until all of the spooled files have been copied to the same physical file member. I have times when a user will request that a report be emailed to them, rather than printed and sent to them via the inter company mail. But I don’t know of any way to call it outside of the iSeries Access for the Web product.

IBM Toolbox for Java has several classes in the com.

Edit or remove the text that you want. I use this tool extensively to generate PDF instead of a spool file Some people have reported that they cannot post a comment using certain computers and browsers. Is it possible to convert AFP spool files to PDFs for iesries purposes of archiving them creating some sort of index over them without a having InfoPrint for Iseries or b fi,e a third-party product to do it?

Ben Leon March 26, at 9: PrintObject class has the list of the attributes you can read for the spool file.