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It’s free and anyone can join. Already a member? Log in. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not. The History of Love (), tradus în limba română sub denumirea Istoria iubirii (). Nicole Krauss: „Literatura e opusul lumii digitale“, 24 ianuarie The History of Love: A Novel is the second novel by the American writer Nicole Krauss, published in The book was a finalist for the Orange Prize for .

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I’m not going to talk much about plot. Staring out the window, Litvinoff imagined the two thousand copies of The History of Love as a flock of two thousand homing pigeons that could flap their wings and return to him to report on how many tears shed, how many laughs, how many passages read aloud, how many cruel closings of the cover after reading barely a page, how many never opened at all. Every character is profoundly uubirii by it. Across New York an old man called Leo Gursky is trying to survive a little bit longer.

Only difference is, The History of Love deals with these in a ponderous, emotionally draining manner, that leaves you longing for more. What is mildly irritating about the book.


Nicole Krauss – Wikipedia

Find her here on Facebook: Nicole Krauss twice mentions the task of paleontologists. A little longer won’t kill me. The writing is stylish.

These things were lost to oblivion like so much about so many who nivole born and die without anyone ever taking the time to write it all down. Every day we are coping, with different things, through different means. She called it “putting yourself into the shoes of the person you study. In fact, the slow revelation of the clues or filling up of the blanks is the best deal this book offers.

I interned at The Hindu nicple two and a half years ago, sometime in Winter But sometimes, at rare moments, a memory of him will return to me with such suddenness and clarity that all the feeling I’ve pushed down for years springs out like a jack-in-the-box Who really wrote the book of love? Her voice is less compelling for me than that of Leo Gursky, but still good.

The truth is the thing I invented so I could live. It conveys the most diverse emotions from sympathy to admiration, from sadness to enthusiasm. The Death of Leopold Gursky, p Years later, fourteen year old Alma Singer, named for the protagonist in History of Love, stumbles across a letter from one Jacob Marcus who is asking Alma’s mother Charlotte to translate the book from Spanish to English.


Leopold Gursky is a recluse years old Jewish Man of Polish origin, presently residing in America in a quiet neighbourhood whose silence is krajss by his only and eccentric childhood friend, Bruno. They leave the mouth and lose their courage, wandering aimlessly until they are swept into the gutter like dead leaves.

Both have to sit down, sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently, and work their own methodical way towards a solution of their own puzzle.

People hurried past me.

The writer Isaac Babel —as eulogized by Leo Gursky, has unmistakable affinities with Zvi Litvinoff’s description of Leo’s own writing style, and the description of Rosa Litvinoff’s writing style in the early chapter “Forgive Me”.

View all 43 comments. Even then, he said. Her father is dead when the narrative begins. Die Laughing – Leo p Krauss writes brilliantly about love, in all of its forms.

Istoria iubirii

The Remedy — award-winning best seller 2. Ticul pe 26 August That being said, I occ I tend to be an emotional reader and my ratings reflect that.

Leo holds the torch for Alma throughout his long life.