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Brainwashing has ratings and 31 reviews. Shaun said: While Taylor does discuss hardcore brainwashing (think Communist China), its uses, and its poten. Bringing together cutting-edge research from psychology and neuroscience, Kathleen Taylor puts the brain back into brainwashing and shows why. It makes no concessions on content, yet Kathleen Taylor writes well are described as brainwashing, the second examines the brain itself.

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Jul 14, Ebi rated it really liked it Shelves: Refresh and try again. Rather like a gully cut into rock tayor a small stream – even though the force of the water isn’t strong the constant flow gradually erodes the rock.

Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control

Taylor provides background on the development of the brainwashung brainwashing, from its use in by journalist Edward Hunter and its later usage as applied to the spheres of cultsmarketinginfluencethought reformtortureand reeducation. Science and nightmare I think that one needs to read such a book to understand the techniques currently available and also the ones under development. Interesting overview of a complex and controversial topic, surveying both the literature and the science. The topic is a controversial one.

Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control by Kathleen Taylor

Her expression ‘cogwebs’, as an abbreviation for cognitive web – connections in the brain made through reinforcement of certain beliefs and thought patterns often through external influence, were particularly interesting.


Taylor 3 17 Jan 12, Metaphysics of Mind in Philosophy of Mind. Feb 18, Kadri rated it really liked it Shelves: The “me” we feel is a brain, nothing mystical or magical, and possibly someday with enough technology and science, who we are and how we act may be both predictable and controllable. I got this book hoping that it would provide me with scientific evidence that would help me develop a more informed opinion on the controversial issue of brainwashing.

No keywords specified fix it. Pages to import images tatlor Wikidata Good articles. Now listen to me: Felt like it could have been half the length without losing anything.

Telegraph Media Group Limited. I think the writer should have read a lot of boooks. Also has a fascinating primer into neuroscien Very thorough and intelligent book looking at the way cults, totalitarian regimes and even the media can bring us round to their way of thinking.

Want to Read saving…. Mar 26, Cagan rated it did not like it.

The middle part of the book chapters 7 through 11 delves into neuroscience and how it applies to brainwashing. Quantum Physics and Theology: Our minds and how they function are so intricate. Brainwashing, Kathleen Turner’s fascinating and informative voyage through the subject, is the first to combine the latest findings in social psychology and neuroscience in trying to understand the incredibly complicated workings of the human brain. Find it taykor Scholar.


Kathleen Taylor, Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control – PhilPapers

Retrieved brainwashinf ” https: Descriptions of how opinions can be changed, whether by persuasion, deceit, or force, have been almost entirely psychological. The Psychology of Perceptual Control.

The thing is once you abandon the idea of a “soul” or entity that is separate from the body, you have no choice but to accept that we are nothing more than a mass of cells, though complex basically you accept the biological basis for all behavior.

Alongside the science and psychology, Taylor examines the history, politics, and ethics of brainwashing. She’s funny, concerned, and first and foremost, knowledgable. Taylor is catholic in her coverage, though — as well as explicit attempts to brainwash by totalitarian tahlor regimes you will find religious cults, advertising and even the apparently innocent activity tatlor education.