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Liesl & Po [Lauren Oliver, Kei Acedera] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver comes a . Read Common Sense Media’s Liesl & Po review, age rating, and parents Parents need to know that author Lauren Oliver has published two. “Liesl and Po,” the first foray into middle-grade fiction by Lauren Oliver, author of wildly popular books for young adults, like “Delirium,” is such a.

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Childhood is something that’s enormously precious to each and every single one of us, and since laauren children won’t exactly understand that if we tell them, and that mostly ruins the point of childhood; that soft, brilliant, innocence, it’s our job as adults to just give them the nudge in the right direction. It was not until the second half of the book that the story lissl started to pick up and even though I loved the second half of the book, I wished that there were more dramatic scenes regarding the characters.

Informizely customer feedback surveys. This was a far cry from Delirium for me, not only in writing style which was completely different but in almost every other particular. It also has a lot of grotesque imagery with regard to the villains and their accouterments, which, while generally comic in its treatment, may be troubling to younger or sensitive children. But alas, I think I’m a bit too old and cynical for it to affect me the way I hoped it would.

Please check out my friend Jim’s review for a second opinion! Nov 06, K.

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver – review

A little, blonde-haired, girl with a face to match her kind heart locked up in an attic for over a year will never stop being that bright, creative soul. Jul 09, Stacey prettybooks rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 20, Lyndz rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The characters are exceedingly loveable; instant classics.


Ju “Dan sungguh, inilah inti dari segalanya, karena jika kau tak percaya bahwa hati bisa mengembang secara tiba-tiba, dan cinta bisa merekah layaknya bunga bahkan di tempat yang paling keras, aku takut kau akan mendapati jalan yang panjang, gersang, dan tandus, dan kau akan kesulitan menemukan cahaya.

Even if she doesn’t she will most likely always be a kind and caring soul.

View all 26 comments. It reminded me of the version of The Little Princess.

Families can talk about ghosts. I wanted to protect them during the not so great days. Why is Liesl so worried about her father? After all, the bending of realities is not sooo egregious, and the elements of fantasy are so beautifully delivered that every piece seems to fit exactly in its proper place. The antagonists are really hateful and the main characters are admirable! This didn’t sour the story for me, but I was really sad that there wasn’t a little more there in the end.

Recommended to Shannon by: The book itself the hardcover version Is also the most beautiful book I have on my bookshelf. Meanwhile, in another part of town, an alchemist’s apprentice called Will makes laurfn terrible mistake by muddling up a box full of the world’s most powerful magic with the box containing Liesl’s dead father’s ashes.

The teachers, parents, siblings, and grandparents reading this aloud will be begging to read just one more chapter right along with the children listening. Liesl’s address is 31 Highland Avenue, Dirge. And I can honestly one-hundered percent tell you all with absolute certainty that this book does. There is no message, no hidden meaning, and I found the ending somewhat anti-climatic. So basically what I am saying here is that I am a pathetic, horrible excuse for a scientist and this experiment is a total sham.

I think they connected really well together and, even though Liesl held them together, I still thought of them as one. And weep because I will never reach that same kind of level. Lists with This Book. Liesl’s father has recently died and she feels more lonely than ever.


Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver | Home

For Your Family Log in Sign me up. A story of beautiful sadness, so to speak, the kind that ends up being uplifting and serves as lidsl guiding beacon on the way to ultimate happiness.

Lauern matter how much you try, you cannot escape, cannot “forget”, yourself; your true self. It has been almost a year since she left the attic, let alone stepped o Coincidences; mix-ups; harmless mistakes and switches. People who are always in the need of a hat.

Lauren Oliver’s Liesl and Po is a beautiful, painfully moving declaration of love, loss, yearning, despair and discovery.

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver

I loved how much food was in this story! I felt sorry for Po at times. It must be hard for him to know that he can never touch her, express himself the way Will can. Fairytale cliche one, in my opinion–locked up girl, not knowing what to do with herself but reading her way out of situations and scheming about how to get out. Lisl story that belongs to a young girl called Liesl who lives in an attic locked away by her stepmother.

How would Liesl survive the months of starvation and cruelty and still emerge whole, beautiful, wnd, and kind?

The story takes us on a journey with Liesl and her friend ghost, Po, to bring her father’s ashes to a house they laurem in before her stepmother got in the picture. How was Po a good friend to Liesl? And there is also Willa young alchemist’s apprentice, whose unwitting mix-up set the events of the story in motion.

Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Just look at that! This book has that unputdownable quality to it. And it’s illustrated, too.