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Esta página en español: Los Aforismos. 1. Like what “it” does not like. 2. The highest that a man can attain is to be able to do. 3. The worse the conditions of life. Toast To The Idiots. The most complete list possible of Gurdjieff’s Order of Idiots , with thanks to Marcia Paul. Gurdjieff’s Aphorisms · Aforismos de Gurdjieff Gurdjieff: Los Cinco Esfuerzos Eserales (Five Obligatory Strivings) esp-eng. Debo decir que nunca pretendí decir ni dije que los ejercicios fueran del señor Gurdjieff. Lo que hice fue tomar los aforismos que escribió el señor Gurdjieff y.

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Gurdjieff – A biography. We can only strive to be able to be Christians. Blessed is he who has a soul, blessed is he who has none, but woe and grief to him who has it in embryo. For some reason they are also called Mrs.

Views from the Real World

Each pupil, relying simply on intuition, was initially required to choose his own idiot from among the first twelve 1 ordinary; 2 super; 3 arch; 4 hopeless; 5 compassionate; 6 squirming; 7 square; 8 round; 9 zigzag; 10 enlightened; 11 doubting; 12 swaggering Like what “it” does not like.

Knowing how to make herself useful, Hands offers her services as a typist and so goes to Gurdjieff ‘s apartment each day, “taking part in whatever was going on at the time.

Summary David Pos contributes: There do exist enquiring minds, which long for the truth of the heart, seek it, gurrjieff to solve the problems set by life, try to penetrate to the essence of things and phenomena and to penetrate into themselves.


When we speak of prayer or of the results of prayer we always imply only one kind of prayer — petition, or we think that petition can be united with all other kinds of prayers. Recounted are Gurdjieff’s insights into the various idiots. Although idiots might seem to occupy a plateau of being, only differentiated behaviourally, there are hints of a desirable evolution to the proximate type Practice love first on animals, they are more sensitive.

Gurdjieff index Site map Site root. The meaning behind these words may be explained as follows: For a man who wishes to discriminate among the influences he receives, it is an advantage to have these watchmen.

Only he who can take care of what belongs to others may have his own. Faith of consciousness is freedom Faith of feeling is weakness Faith of body is stupidity. One teaching even calls them representatives and messengers of the devil himself. De gentede arte. She became very bored. Although not divesting ‘idiot’ of its pejorative sense, he re-invested it with the meaning of individuality from a Greek root meaning ‘I make my own’.

I love him who loves work. Inner influences prevent a man from falling under external influences. Conscious faith is freedom. The forms which express this knowledge when perceived by subjective consciousness are inevitably distorted and, instead of truth, they create more and more delusions. At first, for beginners, this lesser liberation appears to be very great, for a beginner depends very little on external influences.

Xforismos a man who has already become free of inner influences falls under external influences. Man is given a definite number of experiences; economizing them, he prolongs his life. These prayers are, aforlsmos to speak, recapitulations; by repeating them aloud or to himself a man endeavors to experience what is in them, their whole content, with his mind and his feeling.


Gurdjieff’s Classification of Idiots

With objective consciousness it is possible to see and feel the unity of everything. I have mentioned only these two as the most fundamental.

The worse the conditions of life, the more productive the work, always provided you remember the work. Do not love art with your feelings. I speak of ancient prayers; many of them are much older than Christianity.

The Gurdjieff Aphorisms

As I have said, there are many enemies. Remember that here work is turdjieff for work’s sake but is only a means. Conscious love evokes the same in response. Idiots 19 and 21 were reserved for the sons of God At the moment it is hard to enumerate them all. Also by Gurdjieff on this site: It is better to be temporarily an egoist then never to be just.

But there are, instead, hundreds and thousands of separate small “I”s, very often entirely unknown to one another, never coming into contact, or, on the contrary, hostile to each other, mutually exclusive and incompatible. But then she won’t be able to be here. If I had twenty like guedjieff, I get my gurjdieff.

The Toast to the Idiots was discontinued immediately on Gurdjieff’s death init being felt that, without his decisive presence, it stood in danger of becoming a mere form without content.